Foot Comfort and a Proper Shoe Fit

Our goal at V&A Shoes has always been to provide you with the very best in style and comfort in shoes, boots, and sandals. Of course, comfort extends to your overall foot health and we pride ourselves on helping our customers get a better fitting shoe to relieve many foot problems..

Finding good, comfortable footwear takes more than just pointing and clicking.

V&A Shoes has the right products and the right staff to find the right Shoes That Fit Your Life – and your foot.
Common foot ailments should be taken into account when purchasing shoes:
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Often, consumers suffer the ill effects of improperly fitted footwear due to purchasing shoes online.

Shopping online can be convenient for some things. But, when it comes to buying a pair of shoes that you haven’t been able to try on, you could be prone to developing a foot problem or making a current one worse. Plus, by walking into one of our convenient locations, you’ll be able to see, touch, try-on, and examine the difference between brands instead of making a blind purchase online.

Plantar Fasciitis

The most common foot problem which effects one out of four people. It is a painful but correctable ailment. Every time your foot strikes the ground, the plantar fascia, a broad band of fibrous tissue that runs along the bottom of your foot, is stretched which can cause heel pain. You can reduce the strain and stress on the plantar fascia by avoiding running on hard or uneven ground and by wearing shoes and orthotics that support your arch to prevent over-stretching of the plantar fascia. Click Here to Learn More
V&A carries the right shoes to help Plantar Fasciitis but also a wide variety of insoles by: Power Step, Vionic and ABEO. These insoles come different properties to fit your individual needs such as: arch height, metatarsal support, neutral or posted. Another product our customers find helpful are our mild compression socks by SockWel, they offer the benefits of compression socks but in attractive colors and patterns. Even if you aren’t suffering from any particular foot ailment, please make sure that you are wearing supportive shoes if you need to do a lot of standing or walking.


Bunions can change the shape of your foot making it harder to find shoes that fit. High heels often get the blame for causing bunions, but they aren’t the culprit. Often, bone density is a common cause which decreases as we age. A very conservative method in preventing a severe case of bunions is to try wearing lighter shoes. This holds true for men, women and even children. Click Here to Learn More.


Corns are a very common ailment usually forming on the tops, sides and tips of the toes. Corns can become inflamed due to constant friction and pressure from footwear. Some of the common causes of corn development are tight fitting footwear, high heeled footwear, tight fitting stockings and socks, deformed toes, or the foot sliding forward in a shoe that fits too loosely. Click Here to Learn More.

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