3 Reasons to Shop at V&A Bootery

3 Reasons to Shop at V&A Bootery

When looking for the perfect boot to accentuate an outfit or your general wardrobe, you may not think to check out family owned shops. You might assume that the latest fashions are only in big-name chain stores. But there are many benefits when you shop local!

As a Michigan bootery and shoe store in Kalamazoo, we have the brands and styles you are looking for. Between Rieker boots, Sorel boots, and Taos boots, you will leave with a new look and a new appreciation for small, local businesses.

Here are three more reasons you should check us out the next time you’re in the market for footwear:

1.   Family Owned and Local

We got into the business of shoes and boots because we LOVE them. Because it is our passion, we put all of our energy into our company and job. Our love of the industry helps you acquire the best look and footwear for all occasions.

From researching the latest styles and brands to restocking inventory, we go full force to make sure our customers have all options available to them. With a personal goal of being a top Michigan bootery and a go-to shoe store in Kalamazoo, we know we have to be on top of our game.

2.   Experienced Staff and Outstanding Customer Service

It isn’t enough just to have a passion for shoes and boots; you need the appropriate resources to extend this passion forward. At V&A Bootery, we hire staff that share our love of the industry, and who help us create the best atmosphere for those looking to shop local.

When you hire staff that love what they do, guests receive outstanding customer service by default. Our employees feel the same passion for footwear that we do as owners. When you engage in conversation with them, you will see their knowledge and expertise come alive as they help find the best shoe or boot option for you. 

3.   High-Quality Brands

We know that our customers will choose to shop elsewhere if we don't stock the high-quality brands they love and expect. We know this because we are customers as well as owners, and we know what we want!

Walking into an established bootery and shoe store, we want to see Rieker boots and Uggs. We also want to see all the different Salvia and Sorel boot options. Finding these and more (don’t forget to check out Taos boots!) is critical to a great shopping trip, and it’s exactly what you’ll find when you visit us at V&A Bootery.

In Summary

While it can be tempting to go straight to the big-name stores for your footwear needs, don’t rule out your neighborhood Michigan bootery and shoe store in Kalamazoo. Come on in to learn more about V&A Bootery! Check out our extensive inventory and knowledgeable staff and shop with us today!

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