Must Have Winter Boots From V&A Bootery

Must Have Winter Boots From V&A Bootery

Michigan winters can be brutal. The last thing you want is to be in the thick of it without proper footwear. In this state, we know that even going outside to shovel the sidewalk can leave your feet frozen and at risk of frostbite. At V&A Bootery, we have all styles of winter boots to choose from.

Don’t waste time and money shipping boots to your home. Visit us at our Kalamazoo MI locations and shop local. We carry the KEEN Women's Greta Tall Waterproof Boots that are perfect for our winters. Keep reading to see how buying a pair from us can benefit your feet in the coming months!


Did you know that the KEEN Greta Boot is made with charcoal bamboo? This material creates lightweight insulation that protects your feet from frostbite conditions. With the leather exterior and quilted collar, you can spend hours in the snow and cold without issue. Additionally, with the two available neutral color options and the simple look, you can pair the boots with a multitude of clothing options.

Our KEEN Greta Boots are long-lasting. The last thing you want is to replace your winter boots every year. Thankfully, these boots will be with you for many winters, and you won’t even have to think about a new pair.

Wearable in Winter

Sometimes you purchase a boot that looks conducive to cold weather, but in reality, they are not. Many boots on the market have aesthetic appeal but are not appropriately made for frigid weather. Therefore, the only purpose they serve is for the sake of fashion.

However, the KEEN Women’s Greta Tall Waterproof Boot at V&A Bootery is created with our coldest season in mind. The waterproof and breathable membrane inside repels moisture from getting in and provides insulation to keep your feet toasty warm! Here in Kalamazoo MI, we know a thing or two about staying warm in the winter. These boots will take care of some of your most vulnerable extremities during that time.


Most winter boots on the market can be pretty clunky, and as a result, they are challenging to walk in. Having footwear like this can be uncomfortable and lead to foot pain, muscle pain, or injury. It is imperative to have a comfortable boot when spending any amount of time outside during the winter months.

When you shop local and visit us in-store, you can try the KEEN Greta boots out for yourself and see how comfortable they are! Upon doing so, you’ll see that we know what we are talking about, and you’ll want to get a pair for yourself before leaving.

In Summary

It is critical to have winter boots that fit you well and are comfortable for navigating the snow and cold temperatures that the season brings forward. Additionally, you want an option that blends into your wardrobe and doesn’t stick out with a flashy design.

Here at V&A Bootery, we have the perfect option for you in our KEEN Women’s Greta Tall Waterproof Boot. Next time you are in Kalamazoo MI, choose to shop local and stop in to shop KEEN Boots at our store.

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