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Kizik Athens Sneaker in White Creme

Kizik Athens Sneaker in White Creme

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The Kizik Athens now comes in White Creme. This edition is a harmonious blend of innovative HandsFree Labs® Technology and the signature Cage design, offering a hands-free, slip-on experience that merges effortlessly with the dynamic lifestyle of today’s trendsetters.

Effortless Wear with Deep Elegance:

  • Hands-Free Entry: The White Creme edition revolutionizes the way shoes are worn, providing a seamless slip-on experience. Thanks to the spring-back heel, powered by the Cage design, slipping into your shoes becomes a moment of ease, without the need to bend down or adjust.

Sublime Comfort in Every Step:

  • Rabbit Foam® Outsole: The Athens in White Creme features an extra layer of Rabbit Foam® in the outsole, delivering a unique balance of elevation and cushioning. This ensures that each step is comfortably supported, making every walk feel like a gentle wave.

  • Breathable, Adaptive Fit: Designed with a 4-way stretch knit upper, this shoe molds to the foot for a snug, breathable fit that maintains comfort and coolness throughout the day.

  • Steadfast Grip: With rubber traction pods strategically placed at the toe and heel, the Deep Sea edition ensures robust stability and grip on a variety of terrains, embodying the reliability and vastness of the ocean itself.

  • Maintenance Made Simple: Featuring removable and washable insoles, the shoe emphasizes hygiene and comfort, facilitating easy upkeep and enduring freshness.

  • Roomy and Comfortable: A spacious toe box provides ample room for movement, reflecting the shoe’s design for natural comfort and a fit that accommodates the feet’s natural dynamics.


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